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Hand care treatment

Wine & Grapes SPA offers a hand care package that includes:

Hand bath with white wine

Hand bath is done with white wine, grapes and other natural ingredients. It softens and nourishes the skin, removes calluses, soothes, relieves fatigue, muscle and nerve tension, improves limb blood circulation. It also has a beneficial effect on the nails, promotes their nutrition and growth, giving them a healthy and beautiful look.

Deep cleansing of the skin of the hands with grape seeds

Peeling is done with patented by the center wine, grape fruit, grape seed and grape seed oil with a special squeeze . Deep cleansing of the skin is done. As a result, the skin of the hands softens, it becomes velvety, white and elastic. The hands acquire a delicate and fresh look.


Hand mask with clay, wine and other natural materials

The mask is made with a special recipe from the center's director-doctor: clay, wine, grape seed oil, as a result of which the skin of the hands is stretched, smoothed and whitened.

Hand massage with grape seed oil

Hand massage is performed with grape seed oil, which is a unique natural substance, it has skin regenerating (restoring) activating, moisturizing the skin, enriching it with vitamins, nourishing and antioxidant (anti-tumor) properties. As a result, the skin of the hands becomes soft, delicate and velvety.