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Wine Steam Bath


The patented invention in the world – individual wine steam bath: for the first time in the world wine vapors are used as a beauty remedy․ Sinking into the magic steams of the divine drink provides health benefits and you can feel like leaping into heaven. At Wine & Grapes Spa you can take a steam bath with red wine vapor using the individual steam equipment with head and face cooling contrast method.

The procedure takes 25-30 minutes, during which the useful substances in the wine: minerals, vitamins, organic acids, tanning agents, salts and others, will infiltrate into your body through the skin and pores, which will soothe your nervous and musculoskeletal system and regulate the functioning of all important organic systems. This procedure removes harmful substances and excess fluid from the body, and also has fat-dissolving, anti-cellulite and slimming properties. Wine vapor has a unique effect on the skin.

Wine vapor infiltrate into the skin and then into the blood faster, more effectively and completely than water vapor. In addition, the acids in wine, interacting with the proteins of the upper layer skin (epidermis), fast and deeply remove dead skin cells. Thus, Wine Steam Bath is considered to be the perfect and irreplaceable preparation of the skin for peeling. For each client the steam bath will be prepared separately, with unique components in consideration of the unique features of his skin and body.