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Wine & Grapes Spa offers the world’s unique deep  cleansing method for skin, which includes all currently known skin cleansing methods using only natural ingredients.
Peeling is performed with hot wine, crushed grapes, grape seed oil, special puree made from fresh grapes, into which natural ingredients are added, taking into account your skin type. Crushed dry grape seeds are harmless and effectively remove dead cells of the pre-exaggerated epidermis by transferring the nutrients they contain to the body. 
Grape seed oil softens the mechanical effects of the stones, making the procedure more comfortable, and at the same time transfers the powerful supply of vitamins A and E to the skin, contributing to the development of a healthier skin. Grapefruit  has a mild effect on the mechanical effects of  stones, and also helps to deeply cleanse the skin due to wine acids, resveratrol, natural enzymes and other
multifunctional substances. Thus, due to exclusively natural materials and patented puree, we get a deep cleansing of the skin, which helps to remove dead skin cells fast and deeply, stimulates proper skin regeneration and improve the quality of the skin, making it clean, white, velvety, elastic. It regulates the skin’s metabolism and the function of the sweat glands.